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laravel jetstream profile photo not showing

I just tried installing and playing it in fortify but I can’t really understand why my profile photo not showing a picture.

It will happen when you are first-time use jetstream and liveware auth support. laravel jetstream profile photo not showing is the main problem to work with build-in laravel auth support.


Enable profile feature first. Go to config/jetstream.php and Update the file like below.

'features' => [
    // Features::termsAndPrivacyPolicy(),
    // Features::api(),
    // Features::teams(['invitations' => true]),

Run the project

php artisan serve

Go to your profile and see what happen when you first time uploads your profile photo.

What happen? Doesn’t see your profile photo? Ok, Lets start to solve our problem.

By running below command we have to link our storage folder.

php artisan link:storage

It will creates a storage link within our public directory.

Update .env file

Update our app url path like this:


Run the project

WOW! now profile photo are showing. if not plz comment below.